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Managerial Network Analysis [MGT513]

Module 1; 2013-14

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14 Nov:

Course Grades are now posted.

Mean 86.5
Standard Error 1.451694757
Median 87
Mode 91
Standard Deviation 6.327790742
Sample Variance 40.04093567
Kurtosis -0.371484704
Skewness -0.585998059
Range 21
Minimum 74
Maximum 95
Sum 1643
Count 19
14 Nov:

Final Project Grades are now posted.

Mean 90.8
Standard Error 1.163727997
Median 90
Mode 95
Standard Deviation 5.072572735
Sample Variance 25.73099415
Kurtosis -0.356228351
Skewness -0.347891686
Range 20
Minimum 80
Maximum 100
Sum 1725
Count 19
8 Nov:

Quiz #3 scores have been posted. Indeed, it was obviously a highschool-level test of your SNA're welcome :-)

Mean 83.6
Standard Error 7.6
Median 100
Mode 100
Standard Deviation 32.1
Sample Variance 1031.781
Kurtosis 2.17056
Skewness -1.86195
Range 100
Minimum 0
Maximum 100
Sum 1505
Count 18

As prayed for the night before, there were 13 100-scores.... only 5 more to go....whew!  

7 Nov: The posting of the participation points for the Oct 30 class meeting have been corrected.There was an error in my posting of those points. I am very very sorry for my mistake. Clearly I have been giving these points to students even if not showing up to're welcome :-)
4 Nov: Folks, for those students incapable or unwilling to take 10 minutes to put the Quiz #2 network in ORA to get the answers to the quiz problem, I have taken the initiative to do your research for you. If you look and if this ORA report is too hard for you to understand....maybe consider to ask a question about it during the class :-)
3 Nov: All of the group project materials (PPTs and Self-feedback) have been uploaded to the site. Check the respective project sections at the bottom of this page for the links.
3 Nov: CORRECTION TO QUIZ#2 SCORES.  Sorry folks, there was an error in posting the scores for Quiz #2.  Please re-check your score for that quiz.  THe values will make more sense to you now, I am sure.  Sorry for my causing of any confusion.
2 Nov: I have posted the feedback comments for the projects (#1 & #2) in the same area as pointed to by the respective "Submitted Group Projects" links (see project sections at the bottom of this webpage). Sorry for taking so long on getting this feedback to you.  I appreciate your understanding of my in-excusable delays.
2 Nov:

Quiz #2 Student grades have been posted. Here are the summary stats:

Mean 65.8
Standard Error 9.2
Median 80
Mode 100
Standard Deviation 40.1
Sample Variance 1611.842105
Kurtosis -0.964042041
Skewness -0.852858086
Range 100
Minimum 0
Maximum 100
Sum 1250
Count 19

There were seven 100 scores, which is 37% of the class.

28 Oct: Since today's class meeting went well-past normal class end-time by 30 minutes, the Wednesday 30 Oct class meeting will end 30 minutes earlier than scheduled.
Also, the quiz #3 has been moved from 4 Nov. to 7 Nov.
6 Oct: After analyzing the course feedback and given the disruption from rescheduling some class meetings, QUIZ #2 is CANCELED.  The course grading will be adjusted so that only 3 quizzes will be given.  Quiz #3 is now called Quiz #2, and Quiz #4 is now Quiz #3.  Since we have dropped a quiz--now only three of them--Quiz #3 will now be worth 10 course points, instead of only 5 course points.  The calendar below has been adjusted to reflect these changes.
21 Sep: Students: Professor is presently in Beijing for PHBS student interviews. Due to SZ airport shutdown, our Monday Class is canceled. It will be rescheduled later. The next class meeting is planned for Wednesday, Sept 25. (see calendar below)
18 Sep: Please note that I added three readings for the Monday May 23 class, highly recommended that you make time to read these.
18 Sep:

Quiz #1 Student grades have been posted. Here are the summary stats:

Mean 76.84210526
Standard Error 3.660491737
Median 82
Mode 90
Standard Deviation 15.95571356
Sample Variance 254.5847953
Kurtosis 0.932689068
Skewness -1.066421496
Range 60
Minimum 35
Maximum 95
Sum 1460
Count 19
14 Sep: Groups have been assigned for Group Project #1; See listing after the Schedule (below)


Date Day

Section Lecture Topic(s)

Pedagogical Reading




Due (by 23:59 previous day)
01 2-Sep M


02-Interpersonal Relationships & Ties

02 5-Sep H

03-Trust & Social Exchange


  • Set-up student account on course websites
03 9-Sep M

05-Introduction to Social Network Analysis I & Its History



  • submit CV
  • submit 1-page personal biography
  • submit a description of some of your trusted relationships
04 12-Sep H

07-Ego Network

08-ORA Intro I

    Begin in-class participation scoring
05 16-Sep M

In-Class Quiz #1

09-ORA Intro II

In-class project-group time

  Download & install ORA software
06 25-Sep

W 10:30-12:20

Room C104


11-ORA Centrality

In-class project-group time

Borgatti Intro; Foundations; Centrality

Centrality Computation





13-ORA Groups

In-class project-group time

Borgatti Subgroups
  • Group Project #1 Written Due
08 7-Oct M


15-Network-level Measures

Barnes (1954)

Borgatti Equivalence

09 9-Oct

W 3:30-5:20

Room C104

Group Project #1 Presentations

  • Group Proj #2 out
10 10-Oct H

16-Dynamic Network Analysis I

Carley & Frantz (2009)    
11 14-Oct M 16-Dynamic Network Analysis II    
12 17-Oct H

17-Organizational Networks





Li (2005)    
13 21-Oct M

Group Project #2 Presentations

14 28-Oct M

In-Class Quiz #2

GUEST SPEAKER: Marta Dowejko



Speaker Materials

  • In-class Quiz #2
15 30-Oct

W 3:30-5:20

Room C125

18-Organizational Interventions Valente(2010)Ch11  
16 31-Oct H Case Studies & Activities        
17 4-Nov M

Case Studies & Activities

18 7-Nov H

In-Class Quiz #3

Case Studies & Activities
  • In-class Quiz #3
Final Exam Day 11-Nov M      

Final Project (Individual)





[Project Description]    [Team Feedback Form]

Assignment Out: 15 Sep.; In-class presentation & PPT due: 26 Sep.

[Submitted  Group Projects [Self-Feedback on Groups


A Martina Radic (Martina)
A DongZhiguo (Boris)
A Hu Binyu (Daisy)
A Wang Qingzhou (Melinda)
B Wang Liguo (Phoebe)
B Johnson
B Qamar-ul-Nisa Chandio (Qamar)
B Li Xiaoqiang (Alex)
C Todorka Veselinova Petrova (Todorka)
C Zheng Xiaoqi (Catherine)
C Wang Lihua (Lily)
C yu hao ze (Hazel)
D Cao Chang (Alegria)
D Wang Yifu (Yifu)
D Stefanie Repenning (Stefanie)
D Li Yang (Yang)
E Jorgen Skogan (Jorgen)
E Min Xingzheng (Cheurice)
E Ye Songsheng (Wes)


[Project Description]    [Team Feedback Form]

Assignment Out: 9 Oct.; In-class presentation & PPT due: 21 Oct.

[Submitted  Group Projects  [Self-Feedback on Groups


A Wang Qingzhou (Melinda)
A Qamar-ul-Nisa Chandio (Qamar)
A yu hao ze (Hazel)
A Jorgen Skogan (Jorgen)
B Hu Binyu (Daisy)
B Johnson
B Li Yang (Yang)
B Ye Songsheng (Wes)
C Martina Radic (Martina)
C Wang Liguo (Phoebe)
C Zheng Xiaoqi (Catherine)
C Stefanie Repenning (Stefanie)
D Li Xiaoqiang (Alex)
D Wang Lihua (Lily)
D Cao Chang (Alegria)
D Min Xingzheng (Cheurice)
E DongZhiguo (Boris)
E Todorka Veselinova Petrova (Todorka)

Wang Yifu (Yifu)


[Project Description]   [Project Dataset]  

Assignment Out: 7 Oct.; Report due: 23:59 11 Nov.